The Seychelles

The Seychelles Archipelago is one of the world's most beautiful holiday areas. The 115 islands are dispersed in the Indian Ocean on an area of ​​1'400'000 square kilometers. The uniqueness of nature is the hallmark of Seychelles. You can take fascinating walks through the nature reserves of the Central Massif or simply relax at the powder beach. The largest of the islands is Mahé with the smallest capital of the world, Victoria. The majority of the population "72,000" lives on Mahé. In the north of Mahé is the famous Beau Vallon beach.


The Beau Vallon Beach is Mahé's main attraction, a beautiful bay with turquoise water, Surrounded by white sand, palm trees and Takamaka- Trees It is a pleasure to walk here, past the tranquil life of the local population. The breathtaking scenery of the islands of Silhouette and North Island will make your holiday a memorable one.